Vrisi Beach live webcam Island of Crete

Google Maps: Hora Sfakion, Grecia
Sfakia region, southwest of the island of Crete, part of Chania province, and for Crete is quite unique as an area that is still untouched by mass tourism. It mainly consists of mountains up to 2.453 m. high, fertile planes and small villages along the coast and in the mountains in traditional Cretan style.

Its small capital Chora Sfakion, also called Sfakia, has 450 inhabitants, and 2 small harbours, for the fishing boats and the ferries to other villages. Most villagers live as shepherd, or fisherman, or they grow olives. There are also several family run small hotels and sea front tavernas, and a few shops.

Webcam Live Chora Sfakion, Island of Crete, Greece.
panoramic view over the Vrisi Beach from the Three Brothers Taverna.

Χώρα Σφακίων: Beach Webcam − Пляж в Хоре Сфакион − юг о.Крит — Play 24 hours