Shibuya scramble crossing live webcam Tokyo

Google Maps: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japonia
The famous Shibuya scramble crossing is located in front of the Shibuya Station Hachikō Exit and stops vehicles in all directions to allow pedestrians to inundate the entire intersection. The statue of Hachikō, a dog, between the station and the intersection, is a common meeting place and almost always crowded.

Three large TV screens from nearby buildings overlook the crossing, as well as many advertising signs. The Starbucks store overlooking the crossing is also one of the busiest in the world. Its heavy traffic and inundation of advertising has led to it being compared to the Times Square intersection in New York City.

Shibuya Crossing is often featured in movies and television shows which take place in Tokyo, such as Lost in Translation, The Fast and the Furious - Tokyo Drift, and Resident Evil - Afterlife and Retribution, as well as on domestic and international news broadcasts.

Webcam Live Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.
the famous Shibuya scramble crossing located in front of the Shibuya Station Hachikō Exit

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